Winning entries from the MHSPA Wild Media Day held Jan. 15, 2008, at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, with judge comments:

Winner: Elise Butler, St. Paul Academy, “Unique Rookie Receiving Warm Welcome
The lede quickly establishes the subject – Aaron Voros’s rookie season with the Minnesota Wild – and engages the reader with a crisp athletic writing style that complements the subject. Butler localizes the story well and uses quotations from Voros and others to provide important detail and a broad sense of the player, the Wild, and the Minnesota fan base.

Winner: Sam Oldenburg, Owatonna
Nice attention to details, with the repetition of bottles lining the wall. Good attention paid to depth of field (player is in focus).

Winner: Mike Luebner and Evan Batten, Eastview High