Duct Tape and High Funkadelity
Just because we’re journalism-geeky enough to spend nights and weekends making newspapers and yearbooks and broadcasts, even traveling across the state and country to talk journalism, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. We’ll cover 287 ideas to make journalism more fun. And most of them aren’t even that naughty.

Get Engaged: Social Media Beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Gain best practices for using each of these main social media as well as tips for making the most of them for use in a scholastic news environment. Leave with goals for the school year to improve what you do and how you do it.

How to Do College
So you’ve got all this talent and even some skills. Where do you take them? What’s important in picking a college and where does journalism fit (or not fit) into all this? Luckily, we have all the answers. By the end of the session, you’ll probably know where you’re going to college and your major. Isn’t that great?

Building Stories
Collecting quality information for your assignment is essential, but what truly makes a story vibrant comes from the writer. In this session, we’ll talk about how one story can be told and promoted in myriad ways using print, online, and social media. Small groups will build stories from clips given to them at the beginning of the session and will share their final products at the end.

Focus on Features
Yearbook staffs often give the least attention to their writing. Come to this session to get energized about the verbal coverage of your student body in a variety of ways. Turn your writing rut into writing radiance.

15 for ’15
Fifteen things today’s online news staff should think about and do for 2015 — and beyond.

Sports Reporting and Social Media
Not long ago, sports reporting meant attending games, taking notes and writing a story for the next day’s newspaper. The landscape has changed with the addition of social media, and sports reporters must be nimble and attuned to everything that happens on a second-by-second basis. Reporters who aren’t up to speed can be left behind, while those who embrace social media often set the pace.

More Than a Story
Learn to present information on the story page — beyond just the story text. See best practices for headlines, captions, graphics, images, audio and video. Discover new ways to deliver information to your online audience through embedded information and context.

Creating an Award-winning Yearbook
It takes more than just good luck to make a great yearbook; it takes skill, creativity, perseverance, and a yearbook staff committed to making it happen. Come learn about what competition judges expect from a great yearbook. Even if you don’t compete, come get some tips on taking your book to the next level.

Adviser Roundtable
Share your students’ triumphs and challenges and your professional goals. How can MHSPA best serve your needs and help students grow into leaders? And how can we help you stay motivated, keep up with trends in journalism, media and technology? Arrive a few minutes early and we’ll take your order for coffee/tea and a muffin.

Respect is a two way street
Can you and your fellow students develop an candid, non-defensive professional relationship with administrators? Most principals took just class on school law. And that  class may have included a two-hour lesson on the First Amendment and free speech. When there’s a difficult or sensitive story being reported, their first instinct may be to say “no” or “don’t do that story.” Great principals know that they can learn a lot from students. We’ll teach you how to step up and build mutual trust.

How to create an engaging podcast
Podcasts are an excellent tool for reporting and storytelling. Learn the basics about how to use the tools. Most importantly, content counts. Get tips on how to go beyond asking a list of questions and engaging in a conversation.

Editorial Leadership for Leaders
An interactive session to help editors (Editor-in-chief, managing editor and section editors) become stronger leaders. We’ll discuss motivation and working with a diverse group of people. Your questions and anecdotes are welcome.

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