Journalism is changing, and successful students and advisers know the value of attending a summer workshop designed to train, motivate and inspire for the challenges of what comes next. Producing quality publications means staying ahead of the curve and on top of new skills. Join us in Minneapnspa-sws09-promoolis this summer for some intense journalism and learn to produce content under pressure!

NSPA offers discounts for bringing groups of 5 or 10. Scholarships are available.

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Redesign for the 21st Century (Bernadette Tucker Cranmer, California): Refresh your newspaper or yearbook pages with new ideas.

Photojournalism and Multimedia (Tim Morley, Michigan)
Capture stunning images then package them with multimedia.

Advanced Writing (Jim Streisel, Indiana)
Go beyond the inverted pyramid and add heart to your stories.

Editorial Leadership (Lori Keekley, Minnesota)
Learn to lead your newspaper or yearbook staff effectively.

Advising Publications (Laurie Hansen, Minnesota)
Gain strategies for success regardless of your experience level.